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We are proud to present extensive video footage from the "Crossroads Studies" Conference held November 27-28, 2014 in Bonn.  

You can watch all videos taken during the conference at ZEF's YouTube channel.

Click below to start watching the conference keynote by Peter A. Jackson of the Australian National University, presenting the "21st Century Legacies of Area Studies".

Report on “Spaces of Conflict in Everyday Life” Conference Now Available

The Crossroads Asia Conference “Spaces of Conflict in Everyday Life”, which took place on October 11, 2014 at the Dept. of Social and Cultural Anthropology, LMU Munich, discussed empirical, theoretical and methodological issues of conflicts. Departing from a figurational understanding of conflicts, the conference focused on the "how" of conflicts rather than their content: modes of conflict mobilization, imaginaries and narratives, and structures and linkages created through conflicts. In addition, the conference included explored methodological issues, that is, how to study conflicts. Read the full conference report.



Visit the Crossroads Photo Exhibition at ZEF

The Center for Development Research (ZEF) at the University of Bonn and the Competence Network “Crossroads Asia” cordially invite you to a photo exhibition on the premises of ZEF.
The exhibition can be visited daily and the entrance is free.

Venue: ZEF, Walter-Flex-Straße 3, 53113 Bonn (see map).
Hours: 10 AM – 4 PM.
Duration: December 1, 2014 - January 30, 2015.

Further information and a few pictures from the exhibition can be found here.

Photo credit:

Upper Hunza Valley, Pakistan | Photo by Andreas Benz
In 2010, a massive rockslide blocked the flow of the Hunza river and formed the more than 25km long Attabad lake, which inundated not only countless houses and large tracts of agricultural land, but also the Karakoram Highway, the lifeline of the region. Since then, communication between Upper Hunza and the rest of Pakistan has been possible by boat only.



Kompetenznetzwerk Crossroads Asia

Das Kompetenznetzwerk Crossroads Asia verfolgt einen neuartigen regionalwissenschaftlichen Ansatz, der wissenschaftliche Forschung zu thematisch begründeten "Figurationen" in den Vordergrund stellt. Der geographische Untersuchungsraum dieses Kompetenznetzwerks, der bislang in den Regionalstudien nicht als solcher definiert wurde, reicht vom östlichen Iran bis Westchina und vom Aralsee bis nach Nordindien. Wir bezeichnen diesen Untersuchungsraum hier als Crossroads Asia.

Crossroads Asia (klicken zum Vergrößern)