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11. Oktober 2014

Crossroads Asia Conference to be held October 11, 2014 at LMU Munich

A great deal of conflict research is limited to contents of conflicts – what they are about. This conference will investigate the 'how' of conflicts: modes of action and mobilization, imaginaries and narratives, and structures and linkages created through conflicts.

Contributions will focus in particular on actors’ perspectives on their everyday contexts. As research itself often becomes part of conflicts, conflicts may have a direct impact on research. We will thus also explore methodological issues and the politics of research on conflicts, and in conflict situations.

The conference takes place on October 11, 2014. Participation is free of charge but advance registration is required as space is limited.

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Anna-Katharina Hornidge takes her experience as coordinator of Crossroads Asia to a new level as Director of the Department of Political and Cultural Change at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn.

In a recent interview after a month in her new position, she expressed her visions for ZEF. Her conviction that "qualitative and quantitative social science research requires local language skills and cultural expertise", but that ZEF also needs "strong conceptual and methodological groundings" in order to "put research on different themes, in different world regions, and on different scales into stronger interaction", reflects insights gained during the first phase of Crossroads Asia. You can read the full interview here.



Katja Mielke & Anna-Katharina Hornidge (2014): "Crossroads Studies: From Spatial Containers to Interactions in Differentiated Spatialities. 'Area Studies'-Discussion paper of the Research Network Crossroads Asia.

Fore more information about Crossroads Studies and Crossroads Asia's Area Studies Debate see also Rethinking Area Studies




„Mobilizing Religion: Networks and Mobility“ – Crossroads Asia Conference

The second major conference "Mobilizing Religion: Networks and Mobility“ of the Competence Network Crossroads Asia took place at the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies in Bonn, July 18-19, 2013. Crossroads Asia is an association of seven German research institutes conducting research on the concepts of mobility and of conflict, migration and development – in particular on the relevance of these concepts in defining ‘area’. The geographical focus of Crossroads Asia’s research lies on the area extending from eastern Iran to western China and from the Aral Sea to northern India.


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Videos of conference panels and interviews now online

on Youtube (by ZEF Bonn)

and interviews

Now available for download is an article on the conference (in German) "Mobilisierende Religion. Von translokalen Grenzüberschreitungen und kognitiven Umdeutungen" written by Felicia Scheliga, published in Südasien 3/2013.

Kompetenznetzwerk Crossroads Asia

Das Kompetenznetzwerk Crossroads Asia verfolgt einen neuartigen regionalwissenschaftlichen Ansatz, der wissenschaftliche Forschung zu thematisch begründeten "Figurationen" in den Vordergrund stellt. Der geographische Untersuchungsraum dieses Kompetenznetzwerks, der bislang in den Regionalstudien nicht als solcher definiert wurde, reicht vom östlichen Iran bis Westchina und vom Aralsee bis nach Nordindien. Wir bezeichnen diesen Untersuchungsraum hier als Crossroads Asia.

Crossroads Asia (klicken zum Vergrößern)